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Can You Rank a Web Page With a Google Lens URL?

There are a lot of theories, opinions, and ideas about what works and what doesn't work in SEO. How do you know what you think works actually works? One definite way to find out is through experimentation. This page explores an experiment designed to verify if a QR code and a Google Lens URL could change the SERPS.

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The Tools and Websites Used For this Experiment Included:

For the sake of completeness I have included every single service and web platform I used in this test, whether they are working or not.

Experiments like these are extremely useful when you're looking for back link targets. The keyword here being the words 'back link targets'. Finding and using high authority targets is a key component of most marketers and is core to my personal SEO strategy. Whenever I visit any website or platform, I keep the question at the back of my mind whether it could be a potential 'Target'.

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